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Camposanto is 100% solar powered since 2010. We detest noisy generators and we believe that solar is a better alternative for the playa.

The system consists of:

16 deep cycle 6v 220 amp hour batteries forming a theoretical 21 kwh storage unit which probably is derated because of age to around half that.
1 Outback power FX3648 pure sine wave inverter [1]
2 MX60 Charge controllers [2]
2 Junction boxes
4 available panels. We have borrowed the rest from various places.

in 2010 we had 4 panels.
in 2011 we had 12 panels.
in 2012 we had 20 panels.

Apart from this system we have smaller 12v panels charging independent deep cycle batteries for LED lights and other 12 volt stuff.

If interested in learning more about solar power do not hesitate to ask.