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This is the basic concept. An electric Chiva. All of Camposantos sound system, lights, Bar, dance-pole, color, Salsa. All Solar powered.

The Art car will have a "toque de queda" or curfew, the art car will be only operated at night. Durring the day the Chiva will be at Camposanto sharing music an providing entertainment to the guests of Camposanto, serving mojitos and cheering the futbol games, while at the same time its charging its batteries for a night ride to some part of the playa during the night.

The Chiva Electric is a combination of trailer, connected to another trailer which is 16 ft long, be pulled by an electric cart.

Super Powerful Electric Golf Cart. Example. This needs to be acquired. I budget 1500 to purchase and do necessary maintenance. Anyone interested in owning all electric in-town commuter? The ideal candidate would be some variant of the Taylor Dunn model BT-280. If your interested in making this contribution to the Chiva let me know.

Platform Trailer. We have this trailer, it has been purchased.It is 14ft long expandable and to 16ft. A platform must be build on it. We want to put the sound system on it, leaving an area to sit and get a ride or dance. I think a pole would be good, they never fail. On this trailer we want to install LED light art. I (eLGuru) am currently working on some will be interactive LEDs and this will be there showcase. We are looking for structural engineers that can design for us a safe, cheap, and super effective solution for the platform. We need welders.

Power trailer. This trailer will be connected to the long trailer. It will be heavy since it will be carrying the batteries, amps, inverter, and the other playa supplies. It will function as a bar, and a DJ booth. We also already have this trailer. It needs some modifications to accomodate the off the grid power system. The plan is to set this up to provide power in remote areas before and after BM. We want to use it to trow fundraiser parties and serve as disaster relief, this needs some funding.

Solar Power. Camposanto and the Chiva Electrica will be solar powered.You can help by installing solar at your home. Ask how..

So there is the news. We will have wheels for 2013.

Chiva electrica concept.jpg