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Camposanto has been many times close to be complealy green in the LNT map but we have fallen repetitively into the shameful yellow and red categories in some patches of our beloved camp. In 2013 and in the future we want to wash all that shame away with a big patch of green in the 2013 paya restoration map. below is the plan..


In 2013 Camposanto will ensure that everyone registered to camp with us will receive a copy of our LNT plan for 201 and asked to acknowledge their pARTicipation in the cleanup effort. A strike crew will be coordinated during the early planning phases of the camp. Groups of campers will be asked to identify what they will do to MOOP their space. Projects within Camposanto will develop individual LNT plans and identify key people responsible for MOOPing their space. When greeting campers on site, we will also take a moment to remind them of the importance of their participation in our LNT plan. Campers will be asked to moop their individual sites, and remove ALL rebar before leaving for exodus. And speaking of Exodus, campers will be reminded to donate copiously to Exodus on the way out of BRC.


Line sweeps, especially in the communal areas of camp will take place daily, or after major dust events on playa. Campers will be asked to commit to pARTicipating in the line sweeps during our camp planning meetings. Line sweeps will take place on a more intensive scale in the days following the event when most campers have left Camposanto. A core group of people will remain behind to git 'er done.


Wood chips represent one of the most commonly found MOOP on the playa. In 2013, drop cloths will be laid down for any construction involving wood. The Camposanto container will have carpets and drop cloths laid out in front of them during the unloading phase and through the week, to minimize impact of little moop that comes out of the containers. Camposanto will have a metal rake and will use it within project areas to pick up lost screws, nuts, bolts and random other. BIKES In 2013 we will encourage campers to love their bikes and bring them home to use as year round sustainable transportation. The inevitable 'stray bikes' left behind by visitors to our camp will either be assimilated into the Camposanto fleet where storage is possible or brought to Playa Info so that no bikes will remain within Camposanto after disengage.


1. Remove all excess packaging before you bring it to BRC.

2. Set-up separate containers for the following:

• Disgusting non-recyclable, non-burnable trash.

• Beer and other aluminum cans.These can be brought to recycle camp here the are crushed and used to raise funds for charity.

• Plastic. Water jugs should be flattened once empty.

• Paper products and burnable stuff.

• Glass.

• Compost.

3. HIDE YOUR TRASH AND RECYCLING either under your car or maybe under a secured tarp or wherever people who are just traveling thru camp won't throw shit into them. This will reduce the amount of trash you have to take out in the end and more importantly reduce the amount of time you spend separating recycling from nasty ass trash.

4. Take a few extra bags of trash out with you when you leave the Playa. As the huge wonderful camp that we are, we are going to accumulate a bunch of garbage that isn't ours. I'm going to ask everyone to take out more trash than they brought in.

5. Bring twice as many trash bags as you think you will need so you can share them with your neighbor. A minimum of 20 heavy duty 3 mil or 4 mil (that's the thickness of the plastic, it is written on the container the bags come in) "contractor grade" garbage bags per sub camp. If you have extras at the end, DPW will love you for leaving them with them on the way out.

6. No disposable (plastic) cups. Bring large plastic tumblers, write your name on them and use those. If you bring a really nice cup it can become part of your playa persona.

7. Don't throw any plastic or glass into the burn barrels. Inhaling burning plastic makes you feel weird, and not in a good way and glass in the barrels pisses of the DPW.

8. Don't dump your grey water. . i.e. if you do your dishes, don't pour the water out onto the ground afterwards. Let it evaporate in a grey water pool.

9. Pick it up as you go.

10. Check with me a few hours before you leave.

MIGHT DO[edit]

1. Avoid glass. No glass beer bottles please. We can bring all cans to recycle camp. Glass takes up more room in the fridge and cooler, you can't shotgun them and it is a bitch to deal with if they break. Can we crush the cans? 2. Consider drying out perishable refuse to burn. This includes anything you might compost. Hang it in a mesh bag, let it dry and then burn it.

3. Help me with daily runs to recycle camp. I'll love you for it.

4. Burn your burnables.

5. Help with a midweek trash run. You'll love yourself for it. If you want people to carry your trash keep it in medium sized bags, light enough to be lifted by the weakest most tired person you have ever met. If its leaky or gooey, double bag it so our frien will not goo up his/her car. If you string your bags together, use an easily removable knot.

6. Bring glass over to the glassblowers camp so they can melt it down into something pretty. (never tried this)